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Creative Fountain

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Grow Your Online Business

Social Media Marketing

Attract new customers through Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and other social media channels

Search Engine Optimization

Make your online store rank high on search engine result pages

Content Marketing

Use interesting content to make customers keep coming back to your online store

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Pay Per Click

Advertise your products on search engines

Email Marketing

Establish trust with your customers by sending helpful emails to them regularly

SMS Marketing

Use SMS messages to promote your online store

The Creative Fountain Process


You brief us about your business. Your industry, target market, business goals and mission statement.


Our team conducts more research about your industry, target market and competitors


We brainstorm on the right digital marketing strategy for your business


The agreed upon strategy is implemented across digital channels


The impact of the strategy on the target market is measured and analysed


The strategy is modified, replaced or reinforced based on feedback

Brief Us About Your Business

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What kind of products do you sell online?

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